Ordinances of Limay from 1940s digitalized

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  • Greg R.
  • 1 year ago

What about taking a peek at the old municipal ordinances way back almost 80 years ago? Yes, it is now possible, at least in Limay town, here in Bataan.

The municipal government of Limay recently launched the digitalization of municipal ordinances way back 1940s. Digitalization is the process of converting texts, photos or any document for computer processing so that they are readily available for research work.

Limay Vice Mayor Richie Jayson David said he was surprised to learn that a heavy equipment like a bulldozer was then worth P1,500 only during those time. “So you can just imagine the things like that if you have the time to look back and compare it to present situation,” David said.

David said anyone can view the municipal ordinances in the past with just a click and presto the documents are there. “You may want to know who sponsored a certain ordinance and how municipal councilors then went with their agenda, etc,” said the vice mayor.

With digitalization, David said, he learned about certain matters that violate some important regulations in the local governance. He did not go into details to avoid undue exposure of the issue.

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