Orion, a drug-free workplace

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ORION, Bataan – The Sangguniang Bayan ng Orion recently passed and approved Municipal Ordinance No. 17-020-097,an ordinance implementing the drug-free workplace program, mandating the conduct of authorized drug-testing by all officers of the local government of the Municipality of Orion, including the officers of the twenty three (23) barangays and public elementary and secondary schools faculty members and non-teaching personnel.

Mayor Tonypep Raymundo and the Sanggguniang Bayan members are one in saying that the ordinance is consistent with the policy, not only of the LGU but of the provincial government as well that they need to fully eradicate the nefarious effects of drugs and institute preventive measures for purposes of eliminating its hazards in the workplace.

The municipal ordinance also prescribe the guidelines for the formulation and implementation of a drug-free workplace program and the conduct of authorized drug testing of all personnel for local government offices, national and government owned and controlled corporations which mandates drug testing in cases such as, (1) pre-employment, (2) person is high risk, (3) history of drug abuse, (4) involvement of accidents, (5) discovery of dangerous drug paraphernalia, (6) detention by police/filing of charges in court for drug related cases and (7) as a requirement for promotions.

Mayor Raymundo stressed that the random drug testing maybe done without prior notice of the date and venue of the drug test on selected employees chosen by the drug free workplace assessment committee.

The ordinance further stated that it will also penalize those who would refuse the random test by a fine of P1, 000 for the first refusal; P2, 000 for the 2nd and P2, 500 plus dismissal from service for the 3rd refusal. It also mandates the posting and display of a billboard in all offices which reads, “Orion is a drug free work place, let’s keep it that way.”

Mayor Raymundo also emphasized that to affirm and to be in consonance with the resolution, all officials, officers and employees of the LGU, including officials of the 23 barangays, public elementary and secondary teachers and non-teaching personnel will personally sign a commitment or affirmation to the drug free workplace ordinance.

Photo courtesy of Udyong Bataan fb page.

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