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The Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR) is the country’s largest integrated crude oil refinery and petrochemicals complex. Inaugurated in 1961 with a capacity of 25,000 barrels per day, it has grown to its current rated capacity of 180,000 barrels-per-day.
Located in the province of Limay, Bataan, PBR processes crude oil into a full range of petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), jet fuel, kerosene, and industrial fuel oil. PBR also produces petrochemical feedstock benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, and propylene.
PBR is at the heart of Petron’s operations. For over 50 years, the facility has served the country’s demand for quality fuel products, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply to power the nation forward. Run by Filipino refining experts, PBR is a showcase of the world-class technical capability of our countrymen as well as first-rate technology.
Through the years, PBR has achieved several firsts in the industry including the production of revolutionary and environment-friendly fuel products, international certifications (e.g. International Management Systems), and safety milestones among others.
Petron continues to invest in its refinery to better serve the nation. In the past decade, it has employed its refinery to formulate petroleum products that fit the lifestyles of Filipinos. It has also commissioned units that allow the local production of fuels that meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.
Petron is the only local producer of petrochemical feedstock. Petrochemical production is strategic since it is one of the pillars of an industrialized nation. Petrochemicals are raw materials used in a wide variety of applications, including food packaging, rope, sacks, plastic parts, home appliance, automotive parts, reusable containers, etc.
In 2011, Petron embarked on the Refinery Expansion Project (RMP-2) in celebration of PBR’s golden anniversary. Targeted for completion in the next few years, RMP-2 will make the refinery more competitive in the Asia-Pacific region by significantly increasing its production rate, thus improving the country’s oil supply security.
The decision to undertake this massive project was born out of the vision to make the Petron Bataan Refinery one of the most modern integrated oil refining and petrochemical complexes in Asia. 
Furthermore, RMP-2 is a reflection of Petron’s belief in the country’s prospects and staunch partnership with the Filipino towards nation-building. As it grows its refinery, Petron hopes to contribute in the growth of its motherland.




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