PSA Bataan Celebrates 29th National Statistics Month

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Contributed by Ledesma L Morante, PSA-Bataan

PILAR, Bataan – Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Bataan Provincial Statistical Office celebrates 29th National Statistics Month (NSM) in October 2018 pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 647 by conducting lecture series and research presentations with this year’s theme “ Exploring Philippine Wonders in Numbers: Statistics Towards Sustainable Tourism Development”.
The series of activities started during the 29th NSM Opening Ceremony held at Bataan Provincial Tourism Office, Balanga City, where Chief Statistical Specialist Ledesma L. Morante expounded the significant use of statistics in the field of tourism.
PSA Bataan Conference Room houses the three other research paper presentations from NSM partner agencies Dep ED Bataan Schools Division of Bataan and Bataan Peninsula State University on October 11, 16 and 18, 2018. There were overwhelming responses from various invited agencies which participated as reactors and observers.
PSA Regional Director Edgardo G. Pare delivered the 29th NSM Message during the Research Paper Presentation Session 3 on October 18, 2018. He further discussed the implications of having accurate statistics in correct decision making with inflation rate, gross domestic product and tourism statistics as examples.
Culminating this year’s celebration is the whole-day NSM Closing Ceremony which include 1) clean up activity with Barangay Panilao, Pilar as adopted community, 2) Zumba Fitness activity, 3) Statistical Interactive Challenge held at Pilar Municipal Covered Court ; and 4) the final set of Research Paper Presentation at the Conference Room, PSA-Bataan on October 26, 2018.
The complete list of presenters during the research paper presentations for the entire month is as follows:
1. Juliet Allegra A. Blanas: “The Viability of the Re-implementation of the Ferry Service in the Port of Orion, Bataan, Philippines”, Bataan Peninsula State University;
2. Leslie R. Jorge, PhD: “Benchmarking on Industry-based Comp[etencies on the Perspective of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Graduates: Basis for Curriculum Enhancement”, Bataan Peninsula State University;
3. Marianita G. Sarmiento, EdD: “A Perspective Assessment of Employability”, Bataan Peninsula State University;
4. Noeme M. Nocum: “Marketability of the Bachelor in Secondary Education Graduates of 2008-2013: A Tracer Study”, Bataan Peninsula State University;
5. Celia M. Lapid: “Mathematical Skills of the BSEEd College Students Major in Mathematics Academic Year 2016-2017: An Assessment”, Bataan Peninsula State University;
6. Benjie M. Manila: “Integration of Songs in Teaching Science 6: Its Effectiveness in Science Concept Formation”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
7. Jerson F. Tuang: “Increasing the Awareness of Grade Seven Students on Bullying through Extensive Campaign”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
8. Samuel A. Quiroz:“The Empty Chair: A Triangulation of Methods to Investigate Absenteeism among Senior High School Students in the District of Bagac”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
9. Arlene M. Vallejos “Disaster Readiness and Resilience of Public Elementary Schools in the District of Limay: Basis for an Action Plan”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
10. Donabel Dela Cruz “Effects of Collaborative Learning in Improving the Reading Comprehension of Grade 8 Students”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
11. Mar-Elen Fe G. Renosa and Ronaldo A. Punla: “Partnership in Education: Assessing the Senior High School Work Immersion in DepEd Bataan”, Department of Education Schools Division of Bataan;
The NSM is aimed to: a) promote, enhance and instil nationwide awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of statistics to the different sectors of society: and b) elicit cooperation and support of the general public in upgrading the quality and standard of statistics in the country.
The Philippine Statistics Authority is the major statistical agency responsible in collecting, compiling, classifying, producing, publishing, and disseminating general-purpose statistics as provided for in Republic Act 10625. PSA’s function includes preparation and conduct of statistical survey on all aspects of socio economic life including agriculture, industry, trade, finance, prices and marketing information, income and expenditure, education, health, culture and social situations as well as the government and the political sector for the use of the government and the public.

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