Roman pushes for Magna Carta for Barangays

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  • Mhike R. C.
  • 2 years ago

A house bill has been filed in the House of Representatives to effectively strengthen and enable barangay officials to provide proper service in their areas of responsibility.

Bataan 1st District Representative Geraldine Roman told 1Bataan News that the purpose of House Bill 228 or “The Magna Carta for Barangays” is to define certain basic services and privileges that the barangay and its residents deserve.

“The important role of barangay officials as a political unit should not be ignored,” said Roman, chairperson of the House committee on women and gender equality.

“We need to strengthen the barangay so that they can be strong in their leadership and to effectively meet basic services such as safe and potable water facilities, health centers, educational centers and schools, barangay halls, and there are ready vehicles in the area to promote the welfare of the barangay residents,” added Roman.

In the course of their work, the lawmaker said the safety and security of barangay officials are always at risk. One of them, she said, is the fight against drugs.

Congresswoman Roman said the barangay officials also know the actual list of possible drug peddlers and users in their community.

“The barangay official is the first person to go to in case there is a complaint against those involved in drugs before the complaint reaches the police. The barangay is the first to receive reports of crimes that have occurred or are occurring,” Roman added.

Roman laments the sad experience of most barangay officials “despite the service they provide at the risk to themselves and their families and yet, the benefits they currently receive from the government are insufficient.”

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