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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – For the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Bataan, the year 2016 is just another challenge that was successfully managed and conquered. The TESDA Roadmap direction in providing competencies and life skills to as many in the pursuit of economic opportunities towards a brighter future and increasing access to technical vocational education and training (TVET) is always a key strategy.

The combined efforts of the three units of TESDA Bataan in the province, i.e., the Regional Training Center – Mariveles, the Provincial Training Center- Orion and the Provincial Office, together with the help of the private technical-vocational institutions and enterprise-based institutions, gave way to achieving more than one hundred percent (100%) of the province’s critical targets, as seen in the figure below:


This is the response of TESDA to the vision of the Provincial Government of Bataan to make the province the preferred destination for eco-industrial investments leading to the highest human development index by the Year 2020. TESDA becomes more important in contributing to the development of skilled manpower to continuously provide for the needs of the increasing number of investors locating in the province.

A total of 5089 scholarship grants with total amounts of Php 32,707,410.00, in qualifications/programs under the different industry sectors in automotive and land transportation, constructions, electronics, garments, metals and engineering, tourism hotel and restaurant, etc., were provided to Bataeños in 2016 alone. Likewise, free assessment was conducted to 240 workers amounting to Php120,000.00.

TESDA’s call for partnerships among all sectors, specially the industry in the provision of skills training remains as the answer in addressing the mismatch issue by producing graduates equipped with competencies needed by the workplace. The apprenticeship program of TESDA Bataan created a big leap by having 386% increased on graduates as compared to the previous year’s output, i.e. from 841 graduates in 2015 to 3095 graduates in 2016.

The TESDA’s commitment to maintain quality training programs being offered by various training providers was successfully implemented by conducting compliance audit in all 183 TESDA registered programs. Some of the training programs with audit findings were complied, with others have to closed, making all TESDA registered programs in the province compliant in the provision of quality training.

In the area of Skills Competition, TESDA Bataan created a record of being a back to back overall champion in the Regional Skills Competition. Likewise, one gold medalist and one of the bronze medalists of the Philippine delegation to the 2016 th ASEAN Skills Competition were from the Province of Bataan.

Aside from the skills competition, a lady professor from Bataan got the first runner-up in the nationwide search for TESDA Tagsanay Award 2016, where a trainer from the Regional Training Center in Mariveles, Bataan also acquired the same spot last year. Tagsanay Award is TESDA’s way of recognizing outstanding and excellent performance of TVET trainers from both public and private TVET providers.

Another recognition was obtained by TESDA Bataan in this year, when a trainer from the RTC-Mariveles was named as the first Trainers Innovative Projects Competition winner. He had invented the “Improvised Drill Jig”, a project made up of a mini drill attached to a wooden handle that can move up and down perpendicular to the base to make drilling faster, easier and more accurate.

Trainers Innovative Projects Competition is a contest initiated by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority with the vision of developing a culture of innovation within TVET institutions to essentially enhance their quality of training, through the development of learning resources, instructional delivery, and instructional tools and equipment.

Like the year 2015, the provincial initiatives towards the defined strategy of expanding access to TVET can be seen in the massive training output of the province. The more than 100% accomplishment in the training targets was successfully attained and a great number of graduates were channeled to gainful employment.


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