US training saves Gov, Mayor from chopper crash

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  • Ronald F. S.
  • 5 years ago

HERMOSA, Bataan – His intensive and special pilot training undertaken in the United States has saved him and Gov. Abet S. Garcia from death after commercial pilot-turned mayor of this town Jopet Inton successfully maneuvered and safely landed his helicopter when its engine conked out recently.

Piloting a 4-seater R44 Raven II helicopter, Mayor Inton  and Gov. Garcia were then aboard the chopper going back to Bataan from Manila when the chopper’s engine malfunctioned as they were about to land in Balanga City.

Inton said that they were then about to land when he noticed that something was wrong when the emergency light blinked.

But his presence of mind and his piloting skills saved them from death. “In just one second I had to do something to avert a possible crash and successfully landed in a grassy field in barangay Tuyo, Balanga City,” recalled Inton.

“Although we were just 300 feet above it was more perilous since we had no more time to maneuver; but applied what I learned during my recent training in U.S.,” added Inton.
Mayor Inton has just completed his two-week intensive pilot training at Robinson Helicopter Company Pilot Safety Course in Torrance, California where pilots are trained to address emergency procedures, accident avoidance and safety when the incident happened.
Inton is a licensed commercial pilot when he gave in to the people of Hermosa for him to run for mayor.

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