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EMILIO ANGELES GANCAYCO (1921- ) is the second Orion native who served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from January 12, 1987 until August 22, 1992.

Justice Gancayco was born in Barangay Arellano, Orion on August 20, 1921. He completed his Bachelor degrees in Arts and Laws at the University of the Philippines. He passed the Bar examinations in 1947.

Gancayco started working for the government in 1947 when he was employed as a claims attorney at the Judge Advocate General Office (JAGO, AFP). He also became a government prosecutor for four years (1960-1964). He was named as Chief Prosecutor (1963-1972) and was appointed Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals from June 19, 1972 until 1986.

It was President Corazon C. Aquino who elevated him to the Supreme Court as Associate Justice (1987-1991). He was involved in many landmark decisions of the highest court of the land whose first Chief Justice was Cayetano Arellano, another native of Orion.

Emilio Gancayco retired from government service on August 22, 1992. He, however, continued practicing his profession and currently serving as a professorial lecturer in several Law colleges such as the University of the Philippines, University of the East and University of Santo Tomas.

He regularly chaired or was a member of committees formed to craft or revise the rules of court and laws or rules specially related to the Judiciary. He is an acknowledged and much sought-after authority on Philippine Laws and Procedure.

Justice Emilio Gancayco is married to Herminia Mejia of Orion and had six children: Efren, Ana, Corazon, Antonio, Emilio Jr. and Pablo. The family lives in Quezon City.

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