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ABUCAY, Bataan – Believing in the concept that a dose of Cooperation, Unity and Participation (CUP) will certainly boost the organization’s team work, the United Architects of the Philippines-Balanga Bataan Chapter (UAP-BBC) held its second teambuilding activity, facilitated by Ms. Teny Mardo Peralta at the Villaflor Resort, Omboy, this town.

“The purpose of this event is from the title, itself, to have a CUP within the group, cliché as it may sound, but more work can be accomplished when everyone is pulling together,” said Ar. Ramela Iris Gamboa, UAP-BBC Treasurer.

The organization expects the participants to learn how to be united at all times, know what teamwork is, how it works, and develop the traits that a person should possess when working in a group.

The 27 architects, fresh passers and senior architects alike, who attended participated in activities that include: Getting to Know, Dance Time, Pigeon Box and Letter, Betty Popeye and

Wolf, Rabbit Wall Archer, Let’s be Sporty, Get Scarfs, Pool Cheer, Carry and Transfer and the

Fill the Tank.

“After each game, the facilitator would ask about the strategies we used, whose idea it was, how

we came up with it and the learning we obtained in that activity. There may be different strategies, solutions and process per team, but there is only one goal and the key factor to achieve it is teamwork,” Ar. Gamboa concluded.

Photos courtesy of UAP-BBC

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