Orani exec bats for continuity of PW projects

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  • Greg R.
  • 3 months ago

Orani Vice Mayor Emmanuel Roman assailed the practice of abandoning public works projects to pursue another one upon the entry of new administration.

In an interview in his office last Monday, Roman bewailed the practice of newly-installed officials in ditching the project that has been started by the previous administration. “I should say that this is waste of people’s money considering that the project had been started by the previous administration and here come the new officials who are planning to implement their own version suitable to their whims and caprices,” the son of then Bataan Vice Governor Serafin Roman said.

Roman was not referring to a particular case but was merely expressing his own views in the past changing of leadership in any province or city in the country. “If the project seems worthy of emulation, the next generation of leaders may continue it or perhaps if they want to modify so be it but the idea and concept should remain,” said the conservative municipal official.

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