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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – “It’s all about getting the correct global language for the Tobacco Free Generation,” said Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) Founder Dr. Koong Heng Nung during his presentation of what the TFG advocacy is all about held on September 27, at The Plaza Hotel, this City.
Annual health programs and activities implemented in the City of Balanga were presented by City of Balanga Mayor Francis Garcia. He also mentioned that aside from health programs they also conducted Annual Leadership trainings for students of Bataan and Singapore which started as early as August 2016.
Dr. Koong Heng Nung emphasized that in order to help others to quit smoking, audio visual presentations or any other materials are not the key to it. “It varies on how you’ll approach them depending on the situation. The reason why we have TFG Youth Peer Facilitator is to help us reach the current generation,” he added. The alarming number of youth who are into smoking is also the TFG’s concern.
“We were just simple students before, but when we heard about the Tobacco Free Generation, we knew that we are not just students, together we can be an instrument in pursuing this advocacy,” said TFG Advocate Bea Santos during the sharing on how she became a TFG Advocate. The reason why schools are the target audience of the TFG advocate is because of the law that says when an individual reaches legal age, he can now use or buy cigarettes.
“Negative messages do not engage the young instead unleash the power of their creativity in making engaging videos that will help the users in quitting,” said Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) Founder Dr. Koong Heng Nung in reminding everyone of the effective way of getting rid of tobacco in our society.
To date, different municipalities all over Bataan are interested in engaging with the Tobacco Free Generation advocacy.

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