Pilar town sets up “breath-taking tree hopping”

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  • 8 years ago

             Bataan governor Abet S. Garcia has wanted to further enrich the tourism programs of the province, through the Bataan Tourism Council headed by Mrs. Vicky Garcia, in his bid to attract more tourists in this first class and industrial province.

            Mother of the governor and wife of Rep. Tet Garcia, Mrs. Vicky Garcia’s initiated “Pawikan festival” recently in Morong town, had attracted thousands of visitors, top government and tourism officials and ordinary folk.

Municipal engineer Hazel de Guzman, Municipal engineer of this town, said that the seven functions of the tree hopping are Hanging stairs-a 17-meter long and12 feet meters high from the ground;  Elvis dangle-a walking with ropes; Monkey bridge-walking with cable; Surf ziple-a 35-meter long walk from the flat form; King swing- walk from one flat form to another; Hanging bridge- playing along 17-meter length rope but 15 meters high; and the breath taking rappel down- a rope going down.

  Wife of former mayor Charlie Pizarro, Mayor Alice has also wanted the safety of the players by requiring them the use of a rope, helmet, and harness that are  minimum requirements to ensure the safety of the climbers.

Other operators require their climbers to use other equipment, depending on the experience and skills of the tree climber, such as hammocks called “Treeboats” and Portaledges with them into the tree canopies where they can enjoy a picnic or nap.

The lady mayor expressed optimism that players of the tree –hopping can experience the joy and wonder of seeing the world, particularly the historic town of Pilar and the province of Bataan  from the heights of the treetops.

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