Prime water looking for new water source

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Prime Water
  • Greg R.
  • 3 weeks ago

Prime Water, formerly Orani Water District, is scouting for another water source to cope with its increasing number of household connections.

Prime Water General Manager Reynaldo M. Diaz, Jr. said as of latest count the water utility firm has 15,000 connections compared to only 12,000 in the previous years. “There’s a continuing search for new water source to keep up with increasing number of household connections,” said the former plant manager of Manila Water who aims to further improve water service in the first class municipality used to be known as seafood capital of Central Luzon.

Prime Water also serves Barangay Gugo, Samal where water source pipe was installed during the time of Orani Water District. Diaz said Prime Water will continue various projects that were initiated by his predecessor if only to improve water service to the residents.

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